From school to work: getting on equally

From school to work: getting on equally is a body of research  looking at how children make the transition from primary to secondary school and from school to university and work. In particular the research looks at the different experiences, aspirations and achievements of boys and girls, children with a disability or special educational needs (SEN), and children from different ethnic and social backgrounds.

Some of the work was carried out as part of an ESRC funded project, Educational and occupational aspirations of young people: influences and outcomes, but there is a range of other related research here that I hope you will find interesting.

As part of the research, a range of academic and non academic materials have been produced or are in production. These include: journal articles, working papers, policy briefing notes, presentations, media and blog coverage, charts and tables and an animation. I hope some or all of these will be useful to other researchers, teachers, policy makers, parents and children and young people themselves. New relevant resources will be added in the future so do follow my blog for updates.

Collaborators and partners

The body of research featured here has been undertaken in collaboration with a number of colleagues and partners from the academic and voluntary sectors. They include: Samantha Parsons, Stella Chatzitheochari,  Rebecca Fauth,  Miriam Schmaus, Philippa Stobbs, Lucia Winters and Helena Jelicic.

Outputs and resources

The resources produced as part of this body of research are all listed below and grouped in what I hope is a helpful way. Alternatively if you are looking to browse a particular topic e.g. SEN or Disability, Gender or Ethnicity, you can also use the Topics and Tags on the home page and you will find a list of posts with a range of content for that topic. If you know the name of the resource you are looking for and can’t see it below, you can also try the search facility.

Hopefully you can find what you are looking for or what interests you this way, but if not, then get in touch. 

Disability and special educational needs

SEN, school life and future aspirations Briefing, 2018

A few more Oxbridge places for disadvantaged children is just tinkering – Guardian, 2018

SEN, school engagement, attainment, and long term social and economic outcomes Dept for Education presentation (PDF of Powerpoint Slides, 2018)

Childhood disability & educational attainment: the impact of parental expectations and bullyingBriefing, 2018

Are disabled children and young people at higher risk of being bullied?Briefing, 2014

What is the prevalence of childhood disability?Briefing, 2014

Disability among young children: Prevalence heterogeneity and socio-economic disadvantage Working Paper, 2013


The university and occupational aspirations of UK teenagers: how do they vary by gender? Briefing, 2018

Gender pay gap is perpetuated by teenage girls who want jobs that pay less, study finds Telegraph, 2017

Realising aspirations? Gender, ethnicity and job inequalities, ESRC Festival of Social Science event presentation, 2018