Do children’s job aspirations differ by ethnicity?

A paper presented at the annual meeting of the European Academy of Sociology in Paris, 19-20 October 2018, explored whether there were ethnic differences in girls’ and boys’ occupational aspirations. Using the Millennium Cohort Study, linked to job characteristics derived from the Labour Force Survey, the paper explored how children’s responses to the question “what do you … More Do children’s job aspirations differ by ethnicity?

The mixed employment experience of the UK’s Chinese groups

Chinese minorities in the UK are often regarded as a migrant ‘success story’, given high levels of educational attainment and average high wages. New research published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies suggests that the picture may be more complicated.  Analysis of the the UK Labour Force Survey showed that for both wages … More The mixed employment experience of the UK’s Chinese groups

Interpreting wage gaps of disabled men

Interpreting wage gaps of disabled men: the roles of productivity and of discrimination uses the UK Labour Force Survey to investigate wage gaps for disabled men after the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act. Access the abstract and details of the article from the Southern Economic Journal website Photo credit: World Bank Photo Collection 

Ethnicity and family

Ethnicity and family: Relationships within and between ethnic groups: An analysis using the Labour Force Survey is a report outlining the ethnic composition of families in Britain using the Labour Force Survey household data. It explores whether adults from different ethnic groups are living with someone from the same ethnic group (co-ethnic or ‘same race’ partnerships) or are … More Ethnicity and family