Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Drawing on a decade of work on ethnicity and social mobility, this paper, presented as a plenary at the European Sociological Association 2015 conference in Prague, argues that serious and systematic attention to social mobility across ethnic groups has the potential to illuminate not only migration processes and immigrant outcomes, but also to shed light … More Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Ethnic group neighbourhood concentration and employment

The ethnic concentration of a neighbourhood has varying effects on employment prospects for men and women across different ethnicities There are longstanding debates about whether neighbourhood segregation of ethnic minorities promotes minorities’ economic success or whether it constrain opportunities. Carolina Zuccotti and Lucinda Platt show that growing up in a neighbourhood with a higher proportion … More Ethnic group neighbourhood concentration and employment

Social Advantage and Disadvantage published by OUP

This volume, edited by Hartley Dean and myself, investigates the patterns, drivers and consequences of wealth and privilege as well as those of marginalisation and deprivation. The book has brought together an exciting range of scholars from different disciplines to shed light on different aspects of social advantage and disadvantage and their implications. The 17 … More Social Advantage and Disadvantage published by OUP

Dual ethnic and national identities

Patterns of Minority and Majority Identification in a Multicultural Society explores dual and individual ethnic and national identies among the UK’s minority and majority populations. Using the acculturation framework popularised by Berry it explores the strenght of minority groups’ ethnic and British identities and how they covary. It also capitalises on the fact that the … More Dual ethnic and national identities

Understanding Society: Ethnicity research user guide

If you are interested in carrying out ethnicity research using Understanding Society (UK Household Longitudinal Study), please download the Ethnicity Research User Guide, which provides an introduction to carrying out ethnicity related research making use of this rich and unprecedented data set. A range of other information and resources are available on the Understanding Society website ethnicity pages … More Understanding Society: Ethnicity research user guide