At risk of bullying: more so if you are disabled?

Are disabled children and young people at higher risk of being bullied? is a briefing on research by Lucinda Platt and Sam Parsons which explores the relationship of disability with bullying in early childhood and adolescence. The research makes use of data from the Millennium Cohort Study and the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (Next Steps) … More At risk of bullying: more so if you are disabled?

Growing up disabled

How does disability affect young people’s experiences of growing up? is a research briefing looking at the differences in how children with a disability move into adulthood compared with their non disabled peers. The research by Lucinda Platt, Sam Parsons, Stella Chatzitheochari, Rebecca Fauth and Helena Jelicic uses data from the Longitudinal Study of Young … More Growing up disabled

SEN, school life and aspirations

SEN, school life and aspirations is a briefing looking at how teenagers with persistent SEN (those with identified SEN at both primary and secondary school) feel about school, their academic ability and their future educational and occupational aspirations. The briefing was produced for the Educational and occupational aspirations of young people: influences and outcomes project and is … More SEN, school life and aspirations

Children with SEN: school and long term outcomes

SEN, school engagement, attainment, and long term social and economic outcomes is a presentation given to the Department for Education in August 2018 by Lucinda Platt and Sam Parsons. It shares a range of findings from research making use of the British Birth Cohort Studies. The research includes a look at at how the current generation of … More Children with SEN: school and long term outcomes

Parenting and separation

As part of a Nuffield Foundation funded project looking at the impacts of separation on the relationships between parents and their children, This audio slideshow was recorded with Dr Tina Haux from the University of Kent and in it we share some of our key findings and analysis.