Multiple health behaviours of parents and children

A new study study of multiple health behaviours of parents and their dependent children has been published by the Public Health Research Consortium. The report was carried out as part of a project on multiple health behaviours led by by Hilary Graham at the University of York with Catherine Law (UCL), Lucinda Platt (LSE) and … More Multiple health behaviours of parents and children

Smoking links between mothers and young people

Inter-generational concordance of smoking status between mothers and young people aged 10-15 in the UK uses Understanding Society to investigate the smoking status of young people aged 11-15 and their co-resident mothers. In addition to identifying who smokes and who doesn’t, the research looks at family factors that contribute to the odds of mothers and children being smokers … More Smoking links between mothers and young people

Analysing health-related behaviours

A scoping review of statistical approaches to the analysis of multiple health-related behaviours identifies statistical approaches that can be employed to investigate multiple behavioural risk factors including smoking, diet, exercise, and alcohol. Access the abstract and details of the article from the Preventive Medicine journal website

Understanding Inequalities: Stratification and Difference

This book brings together the latest empirical evidence with a discussion of sociological debates surrounding inequality. As well as treating the core sociological topics of class, ethnicity and gender, it examines how inequalities are experienced across a wide variety of settings – education, health, geography and housing, income and wealth – and how they cumulate … More Understanding Inequalities: Stratification and Difference

Ill health in the family

Ill health in the family: the intersection of employment and caring across households from four ethnic groups sets out to enhance understanding of the relationship with the labour market for those living with long- term illness and their family members. The article explores the role of family caring responsibilities and ethnicity in shaping patterns of employment participation … More Ill health in the family