Bullying paper wins prize

Stella Chatzitheochari was recently awarded the LIVES Best Paper Award for Young Scholars for her co-authored paper on childhood disability and bullying. The paper, Doubly Disadvantaged? Bullying Experiences Among Disabled Children and Young People in England, was co-authored with Lucinda Platt from LSE and Samantha Parsons from UCL and was published in the journal, Sociology. … More Bullying paper wins prize

Ethnic group neighbourhood concentration and employment

The ethnic concentration of a neighbourhood has varying effects on employment prospects for men and women across different ethnicities There are longstanding debates about whether neighbourhood segregation of ethnic minorities promotes minorities’ economic success or whether it constrain opportunities. Carolina Zuccotti and Lucinda Platt show that growing up in a neighbourhood with a higher proportion … More Ethnic group neighbourhood concentration and employment

Researching recent migrants

A paper published in Demographic Research, ‘Adapting chain referral methods to sample new migrants: possibilities and limitations’ reviewed the experience of attempting to sample two representative populations of new migrants in London. Together with my co-author, Renee Luthra,  I considered the lessons from that experience in a blog for openpop.org blog. In recent research we investigated using Respondent … More Researching recent migrants

Why Judicial Review is beneficial

The process through which legal redress may be obtained against public authorities is often criticised as being politicised, of little value to claimants, and burdensome on public bodies. Based on the largest empirical study of judicial review outcomes to date, Varda Bondy, Lucinda Platt and Maurice Sunkin explain for LSE British Politics and Policy blog how judicial review can actually benefit … More Why Judicial Review is beneficial

Ethnicity, immigration, social mobility: it’s complicated!

There is a wealth of research that considers the labour market outcomes of ethnic minorities and immigrants in the UK, often with a focus on pay gaps as well as unemployment and labour market participation. Despite the amount we now know about migrants’ and minorities’ labour market position and occupational status, there remain gaps not … More Ethnicity, immigration, social mobility: it’s complicated!