Global Girls Research Initiative

The project

The Global Girls Research Initiative (GGRI) is a pioneering 9-year programme focusing on adolescence. It will be conducting a multi-country longitudinal research programme and generating new evidence on ‘what works’ to transform the lives of poor adolescent girls to enable them to move out of poverty.

It is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and led by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

Its findings will directly inform DFID and other international and national actors to develop or revise policies and programmes to effectively reach adolescent girls.

The main objectives of the research are to advance a structural determinants approach to child and adolescent wellbeing through sustained fundamental and applied research, and to demonstrate the value-added that the application of the approach creates in improving adolescent wellbeing.

It expects to enable girls to have increased voice, choice, and control over their lives in at least 4 DFID priority countries and lead to reduction in early and forced marriage, reduction in violence, and improved economic wellbeing.

It also expects to lead to an increase in donor and national investments for girls.

My role

I am one of a team of academics working on the project and part of the LSE collaboration with ODI. I will be providing input into the design of questionnaires and on how to carry out longitudinal surveys with children and adolesents.

I will also be involved in capacity-building activities relating to the programme of work. In particular, I will be developing collaborative training on doing qualitative and quantitive research with girls.

My project outputs

To come

More information

Photo credit: Department for International Development (DFID)