Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Drawing on a decade of work on ethnicity and social mobility, this paper, presented as a plenary at the European Sociological Association 2015 conference in Prague, argues that serious and systematic attention to social mobility across ethnic groups has the potential to illuminate not only migration processes and immigrant outcomes, but also to shed light … More Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Social Advantage and Disadvantage published by OUP

This volume, edited by Hartley Dean and myself, investigates the patterns, drivers and consequences of wealth and privilege as well as those of marginalisation and deprivation. The book has brought together an exciting range of scholars from different disciplines to shed light on different aspects of social advantage and disadvantage and their implications. The 17 … More Social Advantage and Disadvantage published by OUP

Friendships and social networks of Turkish migrants

In this podcast for the 2000 Families research project, I talk about the impact of migration on the friendships and social networks of Turkish migrants compared with their counterparts who stayed in Turkey. There are some very interesting findings in this research, particularly about women who migrate to Europe when we compare them with those who stayed … More Friendships and social networks of Turkish migrants

Turkish migration book published

A book showcasing the first research findings from the 2000 Families project on  which I am a co-investigator is now available to pre-order. The book looks at how Turkish migrants, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have benefited from moving to Europe by comparing a range of outcomes to those of Turkish families who stayed behind. From the jobs … More Turkish migration book published

Researching recent migrants

A paper published in Demographic Research, ‘Adapting chain referral methods to sample new migrants: possibilities and limitations’ reviewed the experience of attempting to sample two representative populations of new migrants in London. Together with my co-author, Renee Luthra,  I considered the lessons from that experience in a blog for blog. In recent research we investigated using Respondent … More Researching recent migrants

Sampling new migrants

Adapting chain referral methods to sample new migrants: Possibilities and limitations is research published in Demographic Research.The research provides an evaluation of Respondent-Driven Sampling for surveying recent immigrants and suggests an adaptation that may be effective under certain conditions. Access the article from the Demographic Research website Read a blog about this research. Photo credit: Epic … More Sampling new migrants