Women’s labour market entries and exits

woman_at_deskThis paper investigates women’s labour force participation in the UK among women from different ethnic groups. The paper studies variation in entries into the labour market and exits from the labour market.  This is unlike much analysis that focuses on the rates at a single point in time. It explores whether there is variation in these entries and exits. It then goes on to investigate the extent to which such variation can be explained by factors such as age, qualifications, family context etc., as well as gender role attitudes and religiosity. It also studies the contribution of life course events such as children and partnership change. Adjusting for all these factors, Indian and Caribbean women do not differ from White majority women in their entries and exits. However, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women are less likely to enter and more likely to exit the labour market, while Black African women have higher entry rates.

  • Joint work with Yassine Khoudja


Picture Credit: Phil Dowsing Creative