Children with SEN: school and long term outcomes

SEN, school engagement, attainment, and long term social and economic outcomes is a presentation given to the Department for Education in August 2018 by Lucinda Platt and Sam Parsons. It shares a range of findings from research making use of the British Birth Cohort Studies. The research includes a look at at how the current generation of … More Children with SEN: school and long term outcomes

Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Drawing on a decade of work on ethnicity and social mobility, this paper, presented as a plenary at the European Sociological Association 2015 conference in Prague, argues that serious and systematic attention to social mobility across ethnic groups has the potential to illuminate not only migration processes and immigrant outcomes, but also to shed light … More Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Why longitudinal studies?

This presentation for the CIDE International Seminar on Design, Collection, And Analysis of Longitudinal Data, discusses the research opportunities that longitudinal studies provide, including the types of studies available and the research questions they can help answer. The presentation was given in Aguascalientes Mexico, November 19th, 2015. Download the slides.

Parenting and separation

As part of a Nuffield Foundation funded project looking at the impacts of separation on the relationships between parents and their children, This audio slideshow was recorded with Dr Tina Haux from the University of Kent and in it we share some of our key findings and analysis.

Women’s income and inequality

Gendered income inequalities and ethnic group differences is a presentation for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which builds on work carried out for the Government Equalities Office and a paper on inequality commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. It was presented on February 17, 2015. Download the presentation Photo credit: ‘Working’ Stefan