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Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in me and my research.  The site is designed as a central resource to help you find whatever you are looking for. As well as details of journal articles, working papers and books, you can download keynote lectures and presentations, reports and briefings, or check out media coverage, blogs and podcasts. You can … More Lucinda Platt website

What is The Relationship between Political and Ethnic Identity in the UK?

Research presented at the International Sociological Association 2018 Congress in Toronto discussed te relationship between political and ethnic identity of the UK’s majority and minority populations. Using Understanding Society, the UK household longitudinal study, a large-scale, nationally representative study with a substantial ethnic minority boost and a suite of multi-domain identity questions, the paper explored … More What is The Relationship between Political and Ethnic Identity in the UK?

Disability differentials in educational attainment

Little is known about mechanisms behind well-documented disability differentials in educational outcomes. This study uses data from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England to investigate educational transitions of disabled youth.     Differentials in transition rates to full-time academic upper secondary education and to university are highly reflected in differences in school performance between disabled and … More Disability differentials in educational attainment

Design and implementation of a high-quality probability sample: Lessons learnt

Migration research is one of the most rapidly developing fields of demography in Europe. To develop an empirically-based theoretical understanding of immigration we need high-quality representative data. However, surveys of immigrants often are confronted with challenges of coverage, representativeness and response rates and cannot face the high costs needed to overcome them. It has been … More Design and implementation of a high-quality probability sample: Lessons learnt

Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Drawing on a decade of work on ethnicity and social mobility, this paper, presented as a plenary at the European Sociological Association 2015 conference in Prague, argues that serious and systematic attention to social mobility across ethnic groups has the potential to illuminate not only migration processes and immigrant outcomes, but also to shed light … More Social mobility, ethnicity and immigration

Multiple health behaviours of parents and children

A new study study of multiple health behaviours of parents and their dependent children has been published by the Public Health Research Consortium. The report was carried out as part of a project on multiple health behaviours led by by Hilary Graham at the University of York with Catherine Law (UCL), Lucinda Platt (LSE) and … More Multiple health behaviours of parents and children

Bullying paper wins prize

Stella Chatzitheochari was recently awarded the LIVES Best Paper Award for Young Scholars for her co-authored paper on childhood disability and bullying. The paper, Doubly Disadvantaged? Bullying Experiences Among Disabled Children and Young People in England, was co-authored with Lucinda Platt from LSE and Samantha Parsons from UCL and was published in the journal, Sociology. … More Bullying paper wins prize