Disability differentials in educational attainment

Little is known about mechanisms behind well-documented disability differentials in educational outcomes. This study uses data from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England to investigate educational transitions of disabled youth.     Differentials in transition rates to full-time academic upper secondary education and to university are highly reflected in differences in school performance between disabled and … More Disability differentials in educational attainment

Being bullied: the experiences of disabled children and young people

Children and young people with disabilities are more likely to be bullied at school compared to those students with no known disabilities. That’s one of the main findings from research conducted with Stella Chatzitheochari (University of Warwick) and Sam Parsons (University College London). We analysed data from the Millennium Cohort Study and Next Steps (formerly known as Longitudinal Study of … More Being bullied: the experiences of disabled children and young people

Social Advantage and Disadvantage published by OUP

This volume, edited by Hartley Dean and myself, investigates the patterns, drivers and consequences of wealth and privilege as well as those of marginalisation and deprivation. The book has brought together an exciting range of scholars from different disciplines to shed light on different aspects of social advantage and disadvantage and their implications. The 17 … More Social Advantage and Disadvantage published by OUP

Understanding Inequalities: Stratification and Difference

This book brings together the latest empirical evidence with a discussion of sociological debates surrounding inequality. As well as treating the core sociological topics of class, ethnicity and gender, it examines how inequalities are experienced across a wide variety of settings – education, health, geography and housing, income and wealth – and how they cumulate … More Understanding Inequalities: Stratification and Difference

Making education count

Making education count: the effects of ethnicity and qualifications on intergenerational social class mobility uses the ONS Longitudinal Study to examine the role of social class and ethnic group background in determining individuals’ social class destinations. It explores the extent to which these background factors are mediated by educational achievement, and the role of educational qualifications in … More Making education count

Post-migration social mobility of minority ethnic groups

New destinations? Assessing the post-migration social mobility of minority ethnic groups in England and Wales considers the roles of migration and group-specific ethnic penalties in minority groups’ life chances. The article first explores the relationship of class origins to parental educational and economic assets for three groups of migrant parentage and a comparison white non-migrant group. It … More Post-migration social mobility of minority ethnic groups