Global Kids Online

The project

Global Kids Online is an international research project by the London School of Economics (LSE), UNICEF Office of Research and EU Kids Online.

It is developing a global research toolkit as a flexible new resource for researchers around the world in gathering evidence on children’s online risks, opportunities and rights.

The project aims to advance understanding of whether and how the internet amplifies the risks of harm to children and how to optimise digital opportunities that contribute to children’s well-being.

It will do this by stimulating and guiding rigorous multi-method investigations of how children around the globe use new digital, networked and mobile technologies.

The toolkit will be piloted with UNICEF offices and collaborating research institutions in Argentina, the Philippines, Serbia and South Africa. Their insights and findings will be incorporated into the research toolkit and final synthesis report.

“Children are going online in ever greater numbers, especially in the global South, so that means policy and practice is evolving rapidly. To ensure this meets children’s needs and ensures their rights online as offline, we need good evidence to inform the lively dialogue already underway.” Sonia Livingstone, Principal Investigator

My role

I am a member of the Steering and Expert Groups on the project. I am writing a report for the project on: The challenges associated with conducting surveys and qualitative research with children of different ages. This is a one of a number of reports looking at the issues and best practice in different areas of research children’s online use and experience.

Project outputs

To come

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Photo credit: Lars Ploughmann