Poverty and ethnicity in the UK

Book - poverty and ethnicityPoverty rates vary dramatically across the UK’s ethnic groups – an issue of concern both for poverty-reduction policies and for social justice. Poverty and ethnicity in the UK provides a comprehensive account of these variations and explores the reasons why they occur.

Drawing on a wealth of research conducted since 1991, and with a particular focus on the most recent evidence,  this book reviews what we know about poverty and ethnicity and provides a detailed and considered insight into the factors contributing to the differing rates of poverty.

In addition to outlining the policy implications of existing research, I also reflect on the limitations to our knowledge and understanding of the issues, which serves as a useful framework for a future research agenda.

The book is designed to be both a comprehensive assessment of the topic and an up-to-date and searchable resource on relevant research writings. It is aimed at all those wishing to know more about ethnic differences in poverty experience and the contributing factors. It is meant to provide a sophisticated reading of the literature for students and researchers and a policy-informed take on the research for policy-makers.

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