Pay gaps: the position of ethnic minority men and women

Ethnic workPay gaps: the position of ethnic minority men and women compares the average hourly earnings for full-time and part-time employees by ethnic group and gender, and summarises the extent of the pay gaps suffered by women from different ethnic groups and minority group men relative to the pay of white British men. It explores the gaps for white women and for men and women from Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black Caribbean and Black African ethnic groups.

The report also considers some of the possible reasons for differences in pay across ethnic groups and between the sexes, including: sector of employment, history of interruptions to employment and of part-time work, regional variations, variation in skills and experience, and the role of discrimination in employment. It specifically considers differences in educational qualifications and compares the pay gaps for those with the same broad level of qualifications.

The report was produced for the Equal Opportunities Commission and is one of a series commissioned for the Moving on up investigation, supported by the European Social Fund.

Photo credit: zenjazzygeek