Interpreting wage gaps of disabled men

Interpreting wage gaps of disabled men: the roles of productivity and of discrimination uses the UK Labour Force Survey to investigate wage gaps for disabled men after the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act. Access the abstract and details of the article from the Southern Economic Journal website Photo credit: World Bank Photo Collection 

Understanding Inequalities: Stratification and Difference

This book brings together the latest empirical evidence with a discussion of sociological debates surrounding inequality. As well as treating the core sociological topics of class, ethnicity and gender, it examines how inequalities are experienced across a wide variety of settings – education, health, geography and housing, income and wealth – and how they cumulate … More Understanding Inequalities: Stratification and Difference

Decomposing pay gaps across the wage distribution

Decomposing pay gaps across the wage distribution: investigating inequalities of ethno-religious groups and disabled people is an ISER Working Paper. The paper provides a contemporary account of inequalities in pay of disabled people and those from selected minority ethno-religious groups. It investigates whether pay gaps are a consequence of individual earning potential as represented, for example, by … More Decomposing pay gaps across the wage distribution